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June 22, 2017



I needed this advice today, thanks m'dear. A marathoner was staying with me last night and I found I was talking old races and feeling discontented. Your words have thrown light on this. I thought I'd accepted my diagnosis. I need to work a little harder on my fresh possibilities.

Sorry you stumbled a bit today. But delighted your tumour is behaving. Good news on Ronni.


Mage Bailey

The told Ronnie that they thought they got it all. That would be so good. My friend Poolie is doing better too....95 % remission they tell her. She ate her first meal the other day also. You and Poolie are about in the same stages. I keep you in my thoughts every day.


Winning and losing are relative things. A lot to ponder here. I'd say Mazie will decide when she can't continue in the Senate. I'm very glad the tumor has shrunken. It may be that the cancer is inoperable and incurable, but its progress can be slowed.


Very good news from the oncologist just now. Should give me months more! The tumor (s) has shrunk considerably! More later.


I actually suspect that Hirono might be one of those people who think that, as long as they can, they must do the job they think they've been given to do. My father was one of those -- it kept him from being just a nasty old grump.

I have some of that. In the immediate aftermath of the Trump victory, I figured I had to put my shoulder to whatever wheels seemed available -- after all, I have a lifetime of working on these things. And, for myself personally, I was mightily pissed off; a less appalling president would have meant a graceful pullback into relative retirement.

Six months in, people seem to be doing what they can in the ways and spheres in which they will. I'm not exactly stopping, but my energy is shifting into doing the things I wanted to do this year. :-)

You hang in there and enjoy as you can!


This is really interesting and got me thinking. Thank you, Hattie, for letting me know about this book.

Yes, it's tough to change 'methods' after a long life of getting stuff done and - in my case - noisy activism, not always of the wise kind but what did I expect. While results may look different, being mindful and observant can be equally effective or even more so.

I am hoping for better days for you.


Wisewebwoman: Still, it was fun what you did. I remember reading about it.
Mage: Fingers crossed for Ronnie and your friend. Really, cancer treatment is so much better than it once was, and if it can't always guarantee a cure, many of us are doing far better than seemed possible not too long ago.
Brandon: I think Mazie can't step back now; the stakes are too high. But I worry a lot about the toll on her. I just saw a video of her looking decidedly tired and unwell, and she has surgery to remove a rib next Tues.
Jan: I am slowly bouncing back: sending a few checks anyway. But the "active" part of activist is not something I'm up to right now! I'm not a leader anyhow though I have held leadership positions. Mostly I've been a teacher.
Sabine: We need noisy activists! It seems that the young people today have many noisy activists among them. They spurn our hard-won wisdom of course. (;


A very good point that one of the big assumptions of privilege is that you'll keep winning rather than keep losing. And how utterly depressing it must be to know that whatever you try, you're likely to lose over and over and you'd just better get used to it.

Another assumption of privilege is that even if you lose, and even if you lose big time like the bankers in 2008, you'll get bailed out by your privileged chums and bob back up smelling of roses.


Nick: People where you are understand that that's how it works. Americans not so much, due to the lingering belief among many that we don't really have a class system, that anyone can rise to the top and other such hogwash.


I like your tweet re: the guy who says vitamin treatments are more effective than chemotherapy. #lemotjuste


Brandon: I try to be nicer on my blog than on Twitter.


Marianna...I'm thinking about you every single day and rooting for a positive report. So very glad the tumor is shrinking. I don't have a folk remedy except for laughter--it can cure a lot of ills--even Trumpitis!
Sparky is a great source of joy and laughter.


Glad to hear there's tumor reduction in size! Trust the not-so-good days are few and far between the desirable ones. I keep wishing you well.

Book sounds like some interesting ideas to consider.

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