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June 20, 2017



We just missed each other. I was at the Museum working on the newsletter and left after five. I'm glad you found the presentation informative.


Yay! Good for Brian! We're all proud of him.

I'll have to ask Art about Katsu Goto. I didn't know about him though the name is familiar.


Sorry you aren't feeling good.


I'm much better today and have some good news. The chemo is working!

Celia Andrews

Wonderful the chemo is working. What a stellar Senator you have.

Mage Bailey

I know you read Kay's blog. She doesn't say much about how her generation was raised, but she was raised on one of the big plantations. This show is interesting, and your Senator is grand.


Glad to hear chemo working! Some good Senators speaking up but is anyone listening besides the choir?


Will have to take the time to listen to Schatz. My new Senator, Kamala Harris, has been making a splash too. Nice to see some younger ones.

And so glad the chemo is working!

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