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July 28, 2017



Congratulations to kitty!

Michael Strickland

Sorry to hear about your gory mess, but glad it was you and not your kitten. I tripped and spilled boiling water on my cat Tina years ago and I'm still feeling guilt about it.


What a scary thing. I am sure you felt guilty, but it is just an accident and now kitty will stay away from that part of the chair. I always warn my grandchildren about our love seat recliner and how it can brake a limb if they are not careful.


Oh gawd I know the feeling. Guilt and horror. I'm glad you're OK and cat too. Not good at all for your stress. Rest easy.


Celia Andrews

So sorry for you both. Accidents just happen, may you both recover well.

Ole Phat Stu

If you ever have to put your cat down, it will be very expensive.
You need to make nine vet appointments ;-)

Mage Bailey

Very sorry about your feet, and I hope the kittie is ok. Most pleased you passed the drivers test.

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