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July 27, 2017



I do have to wonder why such an impassioned speech even has to be made since the issues are so obvious a grade school child could understand. But-- she had to make this speech and still so many turned a deaf ear, apparently, based on their votes. How can they not care?


And Privilege McCain gets all the media attention. Grrrrr.


Poppa Zao

The press has loved McCain unduly for almost two decades. Right now I'm reading Matt Welch's McCain: The Myth of a Maverick, which explains this and much more.

Hank Chapin

Great speech! I want to put it on my Facebook, but I have to figure out how.


Hank: It's on my Facebook timeline, and you can share it from there.


I've been dropping reminders of Hirono around my FB friends. She's playing out a heroic role. What a choice to have to make!


She is a truly selfless person. And a Buddhist.

Linda P.

I had somehow missed this address by Mazie Hirono. Thanks for posting it, even those I watched long after the vote.

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