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July 31, 2017



The Revenant sounds foul. Not my idea of entertainment.

Glad you are doing well.


Glad for you that you'll soon be finished with Chemo regimen and maintenance goes well. Keep enjoying your days, minute by minute, as we all should be doing -- it's just I think what you're going thru brings life into a perspective those of us who haven't had that experience are unable to fully appreciate.


Every day is a gift. We all need to live with that motto.


Glad you are almost through with chemo. That's quite an achievement. Yes, everyday is a gift. Thank you, needed to read that.

I actually fell asleep watching that movie, had to be woken up to see the horse thing.


Glad to hear it. hope your cat is ok -and your scratches!


I'm glad the chemotherapy has worked for you. And I hope the new drug will be effective too.

The Revenant never interested me. But a week ago I watched Who's That Girl (1987) with a friend. He didn't like the movie so I told him the next two movie choices are his.

Celia Andrews

Glad you're nearly done with the chemo. Didn't like "The Revenant" either. Each day is a gift, thank you for reminding us.

Mage Bailey

I'm glad this batch is done with. You will soon be a bit perkier, and this is something we will cheer about.


Good news on the chemo. The movie never had appeal for me.

Just finished Ozark on Netflix. Entertaining but in no way deep.



Best thing I've seen lately is Bloodline, a Netflix production. The late Sam Shepherd was in it. I don't have a great memory for tv dramas, but this one really sticks with me.


Jenny and I are watching the new series of Twin Peaks. It's even more surreal and puzzling than the first series, but somehow it's compulsive viewing. But dear me, the rampant sexism is hard to stomach! The women are mostly victims or underlings.


The same is true of Bloodline.

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