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July 17, 2017



I found out Sunday that a wonderful high school classmate of mine has mesothelioma. He was never one of the "popular, in-crowd" kids in school but he was a steady but fun person and he grew into such a fine man. He owned his own business and served as President of the community college and many other civic activities. He and his wife have been married for almost 50 years and they are in shock. Well, we just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Beautiful clouds over the water photo.

Celia Andrews

What a gorgeous place to have a meal with friends. I am sorry about your friend.


That's life these days: sunshine and shadow.

Michael Strickland

Wonderful photo essay.


Michael: I'm very flattered. I do like the I-phone for this kind of thing. BTW: The woman wearing yellow with her back to the camera in the second picture is "Quack" Moore, who was musical director of Saturday Night Live for many years and now has put her efforts into a downtown Hilo movie theater, The Palace.
Article about her here.

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