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July 20, 2017



"I believe in helping, but I think it needs a lot of brain work to do it right."

I have a knack for finding information that's relevant and helpful for the recipient. Very much to do at home, but I hope to get ahead of the work and devote more time to writing, getting in touch with people, etc.


My favorite charity that goes directly to the people most in need is KIVA. It is a system of micro loans where the money is loaned, repaid, then loaned again. No money is taken from the loans for overhead (that is covered through separate donations) and the donor is allowed to pick the party receiving the loan. I have been in the program for about 8 years now and am still loaning my original donations.


Toni: I like the "micro" aspects of this.

Ole Phat Stu



Stu: Explain yourself, o Sphinx! I'm thinking there is something wrong with my reasoning here and would welcome your insights.


One thing: I have never cared about religion, but most Americans are religious. You live in a society where the majority are indifferent to religion.


Your thoughts echo mine.

We often equate success and poverty in our western terms of economy. (And forget how western economy has contributed to it.) It helps to remember that women peasant farmers, with small plots and ancient traditions of biodiversity and seed sharing, continue to feed - successfully - the majority of the planet's population.

This is a nice little funny film illustrating my point (based on experience): https://youtu.be/uFU2iQcFv7U

As for the missionaries: Years ago, a LDS team, clean shaven, ill fitting suits etc. tried to convert me in front of our city's cathedral (built in the 11th century, Luther preached here etc.) and when I politely pointed out that the ground they stood on was steeped in their religion, they replied me that it was the wrong kind.
I have no understanding for that kind of brainwashing, no matter how good their deeds.


@Sabine: Your comment got me wondering about Mormon-Catholic relations. An online search turns up some interesting things. Here's part of the Wikipedia article Mormonism and Christianity:


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