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July 23, 2017





Thank you for the link, very interesting.

In a similar vein, this comment by British poet Anthony Wilson, http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/john-mccain-brain-cancer-barack-obama-tweet-donald-trump-war-survivors-a7851296.html

And yet, men do have a different language, McCain is a military man and a war survivor/veteran and may evoke such terminology himself. If it helps him, so what.

All the decent (in my opinion) quotes on illness not being a battle, the world of the sick vs the world of the healthy etc. that have spoken to me, are from women. May be coincidence.

It helps to understand what happens inside our bodies but we may only know the half of it.


Only those who are going through it have even a clue about how it feels and how it works and what you can do. I am glad that we have high tech medicine and I am certainly hoping that all of it works for you!


Knowing what language each person when ill welcomes as supportive is helpful. Perhaps ithe words and sentiments are somewhat unique to each ill person based on their own situation and even the individual from whom the thoughts are coming. Am continuing to wish you good days and nights.


Indeed, we all react to illness in different ways and telling others what they should or should not be doing is presumptious and thoughtless. You seem to be dealing with it in a very intelligent and practical way.

I love the pic.


We are all so unique.

I remember Nancy, 60 when she was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and who was always a very large woman, celebrating in between bouts of treatment her now skinny body by going dancing in a flashy dress and lace tights. She lasted 3 months but was so happy she was finally thin and makeup covered the ravaging.

That memory popped today, hadn't thought of her in years. None of us knew how to deal with her except applaud, that's all she wanted.

Ups and downs, and I too despise the word battle especially in obits. Visions of machine guns and atomic bombs. Very masculine. And useless.

Take care dear Hattie, you're as sharp as ever.



Neither fighting nor giving in:



And it is just stupid. Hero McCain "fought" in a war we lost!
Gosh, I sound like Trump there, except that I'm not going to turn around and contradict myself! How we can wave aside all the destruction and failure our military has achieved? I am at a loss to understand.

Mage Bailey

I'm just honored to know you.


Mage: Wouldn't it be fun to visit! Maybe some day...

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