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August 20, 2017



Great thoughts! Nice cat. Mine comes in after dark, fortunately

Mage Bailey

A bit of good cheer from here. Poolie is feeling vastly better. Her chemo is done, as far as we all know, and she has been moved to a skilled nursing facility. It's clean, it doesn't smell, there is sunshine in every room, and she is smiling for the first time in ages.

Hugs to you and hope you are smiling soon again.


You always wanted to land somewhere tropical I guess. I feel bad for Barcelona. Loved the area when we visited; stayed in a tiny grubby perfectly adequate hotel right where the Ramblas attack began.

Wish we could let Morty out, but can't in the city. As a result he has learned to be timid.

Hope you feel better.


Love your kitty picture. He looks like a stalker. I am at my daughter's house in Salem and yesterday...Her cat brought home a very large rat! It was dead but still gave me the shivers.
Yep! we will be the last generation to even talk on the phone. Everyone wants to text now--ugh. I feel like any conversations with my kids can now all be put on post-its.


Definitely enlist your daughters. Digitize the photos but always keep the originals. They're irreplaceable.
I hope you feel better.
Re: the comments. False equivalence. Yes, antifa can be violent and the SPLC has wondered if they're helping or harming the anti-racist cause (see https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/intelligence-report/2013/better-way), but it seems that only a fraction of the counter-protesters are antifa.
I speak on the phone and don't text.

Poppa Zao

I figure I might as well share this here.

More on the counter-protests:


Good sources. I have been thinking that a lot of Americans are claiming that they don't understand what Trump is about or what he reveals about the national character. Fact is, we all know but just don't want to admit it. Might have more to say about this later.

Poppa Zao



As you say, Trump's fans were expecting a pay-off and have had nothing. As I and many others predicted long ago would be the case. He's even more blatantly helping the rich and privileged than I imagined. How soon before his erstwhile fans finally give up on him and demand his resignation?


Lots more to confront ahead so must keep the pressure on. The erstwhile supporters will stick forever with some innate justification for doing so no matter what is said or done.

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