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August 31, 2017



I don't know if Hurricane Harvey is directly attributable to global warming but climate change will make megastorms more likely. Kunstler will have something to say, I'm sure.

I hope Blackie stays away from the road.

As for Princess Di, I wasn't a big fan of hers but I didn't hate her either. Christopher Hitchens really unloaded on her and Mother Teresa (who died a few days later). And I had a classmate in college who did likewise. He also commented that Jane Austen was one of the most "transparent" novelists he'd ever read.

What I figure is that Charles and Diana loved each other but had very little in common (age, interests) and grew apart. Camilla seems to be the love of Charles's life.

Cheerful Monk

Please do celebrate! It's so important.


Glad you are moving through the steps of recovery. Hope the Hawaii weather is perfect for you these next three weeks. Texas has us all worried for so many reasons.


Do you think Katha Pollitt might leave The Nation?


Mage Bailey

Yes, please celebrate. Yes, too sharing your days is so important to those of us out here. Now I will have too go follow your link. :)


Glad to hear your spirits are doing well.

Re Harvey: I heard some discussion on Pod Save America about our being a country good at "acute decency" but not nearly so good at long term every day decency. Thought this a useful phrase.


Tabor: Your comments get dropped into the spam filter sometimes, so I may miss them.
IMO the Texas saga has just begun. I think much of the state and the Gulf area in general is doomed, along with the people who live there. Foreign press sees what I do: people who have the means will get out, leaving the less well off to cope as best they can. I am wondering if there will even be much of an attempt to use public funds and resources for restoration. And then this next hurricane coming up, which might do a big number on Florida and the Carolinas!


Mage: I hope the heat and smoky air are not getting to you today. It is an ideal Hawaii morning here: 80 degrees, light trades, clear beautiful air. Won't get much warmer and always cools off at night. Enjoying it very much.
Jan: I tend to look at things with the attitude, "Pace yourself." It was such a long haul with my mother in law. If I had had to rely on compassion to keep me going where she was concerned she would not have gotten what she needed. Now we have an enormous population of Americans who simply are going to be written off: mostly the blacks and Latinos of the Gulf area and the less than affluent whites. The only thing I can see to do is send money monthly to groups that work to mitigate the damage.


My comment at number four.


I do hope you get away. I wasn't a Diana fan. Felt sorry for her as she completely misunderstood her job description and was a fairly vapid person aspiring to greatness, which of course she did, but only in death.

As to Texas, the cost is astronomical. It would be cheaper to buy baby the spectacles. In the long run.



I love Richard Flanagan but didn't get the grip for The Narrow Road to the Deep North - although it's a good story line.
But my absolute favourite is The Sound of one Hand Clapping, which is also a great movie (he directed himself) starring the wonderful Kerry Fox. If you get the chance, try and find it.


Brandon: Re: Pollitt: I can't read her mind. She's a journalist, that's her work. The Nation does get on the wrong side of things fairly often, and I no longer subscribe. Their latest defense of Putin and Russia is unconscionable, in my opinion.


Sabine: We miss so much in this country by being America-centric. It was an English friend who recommended Flanagan to us.

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