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August 15, 2017



We have had these kind of organisations and groups for decades, with a support rate of hovering around and below 10-12%, sometimes it spikes for a while, the odd one or three gets elected into a local or state - but so far not - national parliament, where they generally shine with ignorance, inactivity and the occasional fraudulent handling of their finances. Protest and hate only gets you so far, people do get tired of repetitive claims and lack of positive action.

I have been to many protest marches against them and we always hugely outnumbered their miserable selection.
They have become somewhat dangerous when occasionally joined by organised hooligans and motor cycle gangs, soccer club supporters and of course, alcohol.

I have shouted abuse and blown whistles etc. but the best protest was when we all, in our thousands, turned our backs on them in silence, the houses and shops along the way had closed all windows and doors and all they could do was listen to their own pitiful echos with not a faces to look at, no one to hear them or respond.

I don't fear them here, we watch them, we know who finances them, who enables their illegal websites (US) and who knows whom, we know that some members of the police and army support them, we have several good networks of information etc.

But we also have a government, local, state and national, that condemns neo nazi activity. We also have strict laws against incitement of hatred, denial of the holocaust etc.

You don't have that any longer it seems. AND you have such easy access to guns. That makes it so dangerous.

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