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September 20, 2017



Is the infusion center right across from the hospital?


Brandon: No, it's inside the Kaiser Clinic.


"It was tuned to a program on rehabbing prisoners by having them care for and train dogs."

It sounds like Pit Bulls and Parolees. Were you there mid-morning? (Two episodes in a row aired then.)



People are so different. Our Dad who went through two bouts of colon cancer was in hospital quiet and stoic even with us. Once he was home he talked but not much about his illness except for a couple of interesting conversations about the hallucinations some of his meds were giving him.


Those things HRC talks about happened to me and still do, and I come from second wave feminism. I am not a New Democrat, though. Draft, yes, white men who were only really worried about that, yes, I remember this perfectly, but also remember so much else.

At work, I go through HRC-type experiences every day, though: being the only one who can get anything practical done, taking heat for it while men either do nothing and look virtuous, or shout revolution while accomplishing little. I relate to her (and many others) because of this. But I've never had DLC/New Democrat-style politics, and I won't have, and I'm v. unhappy with foreign policy of older-style, more liberal Democrats as well.


Brandon: Just trying to make the point through an example that mass media trash programming is stupefying us and making it difficult for people to make any sense out of their lives.
Celia: Yes, stoicism, which forces others to rescue them. It's a kind of passive resistance.
Z: I don't think of you as second wave, because you are so much younger than me, but I guess you are. I am pre-second wave and still very much dominated by masculine culture and my ideas of womanliness (clumsy way to put it, but can't think of anything better at this point.)
Do take a look at Joy Reid's interview with Hillary Clinton. Everything Reid does is deliberate, and she has figured out a winning strategy:showing women as winners with the money, the style, the education, the attitude. Well, this is something black women are really really good at! More on this later, maybe.


More: I think men are virtually all powerful. That's how it was when I was growing up. I don't see this changing much. Joyce Carol Oates would agree with me. This is not incompatible with being a feminist.

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