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September 15, 2017


Cheerful Monk

Yes, many more people will die because the population keeps growing and growing. I read in the New York Times the other day saying people are betting that Harvey won't stop people from being interested in building there.

"Throughout Houston proper and the surrounding suburbs, developers sprawl ever outward, paving over pastures and former wetlands and leaving nothing to absorb the water, when it comes."


You can't blame Trump for that.


More power to your elbow, Hattie. We are over the tipping point and on our way down. And 45 criticized London? Good Gawd.



I didn't realize the meeting was yesterday. I'll try to make the next one.


It is all about the money. Conservatives like what they hear and do not realize it is all lies. Liberals are always trying to find a new path. We should just be honest and strong and realize we are the majority!


Brandon: Aren't you getting e-mails from the group? Anyway, the Oct. meeting will be at my place again.


Tabor: Hear hear.


I'm getting the e-mails. I'll look for the October meeting notice.


They are being silly, of course the Democrats should run a woman or a Black person again. Keep doing it.

The inside may be the only place you can get certain things done, but that is only certain things and they may not be the things I am interested in seeing done.


Z: Just look at how destructive mediocre/and/or vicious people, Trump and his allies have been, how much damage they have been able to do in such a short time. We on the outside can devote our entire lives to the good, the true, and the beautiful and make no long term impact at all.
Sort of related to this: Have you read Amos Elon's *The Pity of It all* about the fate of the German Jews? They worked on succeeding in all aspects of German life except politics, which they avoided, so they were outside the power structure and were easy to eliminate from German life.


I'm sure I'd enjoy the book. My ancestor the immigrant, of course, had 20 years before coming here converted to Lutheranism and written a tract on why everyone else should: join the universal Romantic soul and as lagniappe, not have to suffer discrimination.

But I'm not talking about avoiding politics, the power structure, etc. I just think someone has to stand up, and not necessarily by joining those in power now. You do have to be able to talk to them, of course, which is different.


@Z: Is your ancestor's work online? If not, what is the title?


"I don't think we can risk running a black or a woman again" Well of course we've had the same sort of debate about Jeremy Corbyn, another "unorthodox" candidate. All those people who said he'd be a disaster and should be replaced by someone more "normal". And what happens? Huge Labour advances in the general election and all the pundits with egg on their faces.

Of course there should be black or female candidates. It was just unfortunate that Hillary romped home in the popular vote but was screwed by the vagaries of the electoral college. So why aren't people calling for changes in the electoral college?

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