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September 14, 2017



I think Hillary's campaign organization let her down. I think they were so involved with analytics that they paid way too little attention to grassroots campaigning. For example, last year before the election, Joe and I drove from Texas to Charlottesville, Va. and I saw not one single billboard, yard sign, or bumper sticker for Hillary. There were scattered billboards, yard signs, and bumper stickers for Trump. In addition, I don't remember a single radio or television ad for her. In Shattered by Jonathan Allen, he points out how many people were telling her that more resources were needed at the ground level. Anyway, hindsight is always 20/20.


Florence: There was not much happening here, either. Hawaii went reliably for her. Sanders won the Democratic caucus with mostly white voters, not representative of the over-all Hawaiian population. If we had had a Democratic primary I speculate that Clinton would have won it.


The misogyny is now strangling you all. The Electoral College should be disbanded, it is corruptible.

We watch our neighbour in horror.



Wisewebwoman: It is truly dreadful. I see women cracking up everywhere under the strain. I was just talking to a woman who has lost all control over her wayward son, and it's killing her. He was in a bad accident, got head injuries, and he won't go the doctor.
Earlier I was at the dentist's and it was like being in a madhouse. The women working there were all half crazy, so upset about personal matters, trying to do their work...I was faint and nauseated by the time I got home.


It is actually amazing HRC didn't just crack under the pressure years ago--most people would, she's had quite vicious attacks for decades and yes, it's misogyny.

I of course voted for her in the generals, although not in the primary since I always go as far left there as I can & wanted to Represent / move platform leftward. I still say that's legit and isn't "silencing."


And re the campaign: yes, it was awful, but for it to be good the DNC would have had to have a whole other strategy for other, earlier campaigns. Since their policy has been to ignore whole swaths of the country for years, it's hard for a presidential campaign to get traction in those places. They seem to have made a decision to give up certain states right away, and I disagree with the strategy, but I can see why they thought it was too late to spend resources in a possibly losing battle to revive the said states.


Z: Clinton disputes that in her book. A lot of campaigning took place that was not mentioned in the national media. .I'll look that section over and report on it.
Sarah Kendzior would agree with you that the Dems did not campaign enough in states like Missouri and Michigan. Not too much happened here in Hawaii, because we are solidly Democratic, so it wasn't necessary. I felt that there was not enough support from the nationals for local activists.Democrats in Republican states needed to be motivated and mobilized.


***Democrats for years here have not supported any local Democrats. Local Democrats are on their own. You get phone calls from DNC to send money to support candidates in other states and when asked they say straight out that they have written your state off.***

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