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September 23, 2017



If you need the hydrocodone, take it and don't fret over any addictive properties. Your comfort is what is important. IMHO.

I alternate between hope and despair over the state of the world. Climate Change and Trump make me despair. But more people are paying attention and are active and that gives me hope.


Agree with Florence on all points.

Ole Phat Stu

At our ages, lass, we don't have to worry about addiction :wry grin:


Talk to your doctor about easing on and off things. Always a good idea. I am so sorry for your chemo. Hope it ends soon.


I encourage you to discuss a slow tapering off of the cortisone, maybe over a week.
Your body can eventually get used to short-term high dosage, e.g. 30mg/day for three days, once in a while, but this takes some time and why should you suffer. Short spikes of cortisone over 3-5 days are no longer considered dangerous. But you can take some vit D (cholecalciferole) if you are worried about osteoporosis due to the cortisone. Ask about dosage, it's not something to take daily.


The standoff with North Korea seems very serious to me, especially since we're where we are.

Silver Willow

Don’t try to be a hero when it comes to meds, my friend.

Cheerful Monk

Good luck on them letting you taper off the pills. Abrupt withdrawal doesn't make sense! How much longer to you have to deal with it?

I've given up worrying about the U.S. and the world. I mainly feel lucky we had it so good for so long.


"We are in the biggest mess in this country, ever, and I feel overwhelmed. I fear for all of us."

Would you say the situation with North Korea is the foremost threat?


Your guess as good as mine. I’m just an old lady with a blog,


Hope you're able to get the meds more leveled off as you desire. I, too, think the state of this govt is of serious concern -- even the world for that matter -- but I believe we'll eventually right this ship. Just read Collins will vote "no" on ACÁ repeal. We'll just keep whittling away bit by bit, but may be a lot of s--- to go through in the meantime and some may get hurt in the process.


I think in your situation I'd be the same. I'm also against taking drugs unless I absolutely have to (one blood pressure pill, that's it). But if I was going through what you're going through, I think I'd grab every euphoric and every painkiller in sight.


Joared: We've had to be mostly in a defensive position, and that is necessary. Real reform has to wait.
Nick: Well, the drugs are for when you really need them.

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