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September 14, 2017



I agree with Hank & see the identification with HRC.

It's interesting, there are things that have improved. One thing that has improved in my lifetime is that when I started my career married women were still considered unemployable: "she will not be able to give 100% to the job." "She will have children and not publish." Etc. People don't say these things anymore and it really opens a different panorama.


Z: When I went back to college I never wore my wedding ring nor did I ever mention my family.


I still never mention family and people remark on my amazing restraint and always-professional air. But I was trained to it early on!


I listened to excellent interviews with Hillary about the book, etc., on podcasts--Ezra Klein and Pod Save America. She emphasizes the threat of the long term right wing project to undermine freedom and democracy. She couldn't lead, but various forms of popular resistance have to, so that politicians have to..


Jan: I used to listen to podcasts more than I do now. My I-phone died and I'm waiting for a new one, so I'll set it up and start listening to podcasts more often.

Linda P.

I'll look forward to reading your review. I haven't ordered the book yet, but I intend to do so.


All too often women in my generation had to have a male champion to provide support. Fortunately, most I encountered did not press other expectations as being part of the process. There could be some women who were less than helpful, even having especially demanding expectations whatever their issues were. A choice to not "play the game" of how to get head was interpreted by some as a weakness or ignorance about the system -- fortunately, respected by others, though they might not count.


Thanks for this. I see much regression in rights having grown up with Bella and Germaine and Gloria but the general use of Ms pleases me no end.

I look forward to your review.


 Hank Chapin

Thanks for the plugs, Hattie and Z. I just noticed. I will try to think up more responses to this most excellent and intelligent and penetrating blog, but I should walk the dawg.

I was married for 51 years to an evolving feminist. We met in 1959; she passed away in 2012 so there is a whole social history from the Fifties through the Sixties and on to the new century. Helen said I liked women as people, and I'll leave it at that for now. Bragging is a rocky yet slippery road. Better to let others say it rather than I.

"Saying it's so doesn't make it so." This playground taunt is a useful way to approach Trump's outrageous lies. Why can't one of my brothers apply that simple test? Oh well, my other brother and my sister are fully aware of the Trump con game. Another sister appears to be apolitical. Three out of five is a winning margin, so I must be content.

I just added Tea Pain to my Twitter feed.

My New Year's Resolution for the last two years has been to live a life of appreciation. And I sure appreciate Hattie's blog!
Hank Chapin, facebook.com/hank.chapin

 Hank Chapin

I went to Book Ends, the last "real" bookstore on my Island. It is located in Kailua, so I couldn't say the "last" in Honolulu. They had sold out of "What Happened" by Hillary Clinton. All the TV interviews have told me that this will be a most important book. She is not whining, as she will be accused of, in her interviews, but analyzing reality. Very impressive. I bought the book on my Nook electronic reader, but I have no problem buying a hard copy too, which I will do when Book Ends gets a new supply. I apply the same philosophy to Book Ends: I spend freely because I want to support them. Today I bought three novels by Gail Godwin, recently recommended to me, the O. Henry Short Stories for 2017, and a full-on colorful handbook of everything regarding Acrylic paints. After trying so many mediums, I'm thinking that Acrylics are for me.

If you're interested, the best book I have read this year is "Sing for Your Life." It's about the rise of opera singer Ryan Speedo Green from poverty and familial abuse to the Met. My daughter gave it to me for Christmas.

While harmoniously discussing with two of the women working in Book Ends, I asked the same question Hillary does: why do so many people despise her at the same time that she got a majority of the vote? Frankly, I don't really get it. She seems just fine to me. I also had the insight that there is an invisible question mark after the book's title. Not only does it mean HERE is what happened but the question after getting knocked out by a sucker punch--what happened?
Hank Chapin facebook.com/hank.chapin


Hank: A daughter lives in Seattle within walking distance of one of the best bookstores I've ever been in: Third Place Books. They have a coffee shop and cafe that attracts people and helps keeps them busy and profitable.
They have a good range of new and used books, and I always find something to buy. Nice art books, craft books, that kind of thing.
I was down on Hillary for a long time because she was (is?) hawkish. But frankly with all the adulation the military gets I don't see any politicians, including ones I admire, who don't also seem to be in the tank (!) for them. They are ridiculously expensive and yet have not won a war since the glorious victory over Grenada.

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