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October 11, 2017


Mage Bailey

Glad you are home. Yes, I am really angry and have been for years over how women are treated.


Are you feeling better than you were last week?

Also, are you hosting the discussion group at your house this month? If so, when?


Then there's this.



It's awful when things don't go smoothly at the day clinic. May it be much better next time.

Re misogyny, I recommend today's opinion piece by Rebecca Solnit in the Guardian:


Cheerful Monk

I'm glad you're back home!

Apparently Harvey Weinstein was an "open secret": http://www.cnn.com/2017/10/11/entertainment/women-harvey-weinstein-jokes/index.html


Mage: Yes, I, too am getting angrier as I reflect on all the times I took a back seat or had to fight when there were no reasonable reasons for obstructing me.
Brandon: Yes, we will meet at my place. Not really much for Terry and me to do, and I prefer being at home, mostly. Haven't read the links yet, but will.
Sabine: I like Solnit!


Cheerful Monk: He is just an example!


makes me think NBC is full of these predators as they refused to air the story. We are only on the tip of the iceberg. It is so challenging to come forward and then get trashed in court.



A lot of stuff is coming out about Bernie that indicates that he is quite the perv. More later.


All the horrible things coming out about Weinstein makes me wonder how many more are there? I'm sure he's not the only one. It's about time for the story to come out after being covered up for so long.



On Bernie: Mostly excused as well it was the 60s and 70s and everyone was doing it. Hard to know how much of it was just dirty talk. More on this, maybe.


You retweeted this:

"When are we all going to boycott #Facebook ? We lived without it before, we can again

6:09 AM - 13 Oct 2017"

Does this mean you might leave FB?


I’m naturally falling away from it, because it’s gotten pretty useless to me. I prefer Twitter and my blog.






We have to create a culture where it's normal for sexual predators to be reported and disciplined, rather than one where the victims are reluctant to speak out for fear of losing their jobs, not being believed, themselves being disciplined etc.


Women all over at every level experience this sexual abuse, but glad to see these high profile folks taking a fall. Many have stories they could tell about their own experiences or that of others — certainly occurring in ‘40s and ‘50s.

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