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October 25, 2017



Welcome to my world.


Hope you get this. How are you? Some,not all, of my posts have gone off into the ether too.


Your comments are fine with me - thank you as always.

Poppa Zao

I found two of your comments and posted them.


Well, it's not just me, and that's a comfort!

Ole Phat Stu

Maybe you no longer live in the land of the free, but in Trumpistan. 1st amendment notwithstanding :-(


Thinking of you.

Poppa Zao

I don't know if you saw this on Twitter but these Bernie-bros are vicious:

Bernie Bros showed Bess Kalb that theyre worse than Trump Humpers. Good job guys. Her piece was life-giving, btw. https://t.co/hzSutMyu3N Candice Aiston (@CandiceAiston) October 29, 2017

Mage Bailey

I get your notes. :)


Hope you are doing okay as can be. Hope my blog wasn't an offender. I'm feeling blog-tired these days, or maybe just tired ...


The comment boxes are out to get you! Give them a sharp talking-to, I say.

About that selfie you demanded. Check out my latest post....

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