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October 17, 2017



Dear Marianna -- I will continue to check in here often, eager for your news and wisdom. I too hate Facebook and seldom bother with Twitter.

Be well, my friend.


I never got into Twitter and I find I go to FB less and less. I have severely cutailed the people and sites that I allow on my FB. Hope you are feeling well.


Good idea. I'm weary of them both myself. Manipulation on an unheard of basis.



What happened with Twitter? I know you said Facebook was becoming less useful, though. But I always look forward to your blog.

I hope you're feeling well.


I think you’re wise to drop those sites for regular reading. I became disillusioned with FB years ago so stopped using & I ‘ve thought Twitter’s value would be best for the immediacy with friends in particular situations and/or emergencies so never used. Both were clearly filled with very unreliable info — which has proven to be the case — plus so many readers seemed to get stirred up into a frenzy, writing in kind only adding to the confusion, frustration and high anxiety they often complained of feeling. IMHO Blogs, or at least those I encounter, seem to offer a little more thoughtful measured content.

Hope you’re having some healing laughter and humor. FWIW This Ariz. blogger offers some funny cartoons on his posts every Friday: https://oddballobservations.blogspot.com/


Jan: Always appreciate hearing from you and keeping up with your doings, And so glad we got to meet "in person."
Wisewebwoman: It gets worse and worse. Almost all negative. Tired of it.
Brandon: I'm feeling OK. We will be meeting on Fri. at 1:00 at my place.
Joared: My feeling about these services is that if they don't serve my purposes there is no reason to use them. Thanks for the link!

Cheerful Monk

I've never used Twitter and only occasionally will look at Facebook. Blogs are a lot more fulfilling, and I appreciate your posts. Thank you.


I've never been attracted to Twitter, which seems to be mainly the platform for vicious, relentless trolling. But I find Facebook informative and amusing. I don't get much negative stuff from my FB friends. If I do, I just skip over it. Ditto the interminable nit-picking political exchanges.

Cop Car

About 5 years ago, when Facebook changed their privacy policies, I dropped membership - took myself out of their clutches.

Twitter--The only time I used it was to catch what was happening on disasters that I worked. Haven't been on for a year or so.

Mostly, I believe the admonition that anytime I am not paying for a service, I am probably the merchandise.


I see you're back on Twitter but have left Facebook. Is it all the memes, people's status updates, and the like that have turned you off FB?


From my viewpoint Facebook is a mess. There is too much dumb stuff on it. Friends and family use Google + and texting, etc.
Twitter is worth the annoyance, though. It's possible to set it up in such a way that it can be useful without being too aggravating. It's easy to block trolls. Anyway, my account has few followers, is very minor and mostly, in my case, for keeping up with news from feminists, cancer patients, local reporting and breaking news.
Cop Car: Yes, Facebook is a free service. But it takes maintenance, and that's time consuming. Better just not spend any time on it. Twitter is worth the time and trouble to me, which is not to say it is useful to everyone.

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