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October 07, 2017



It's got to be a crummy thing to deal with, every single day. You can't run away from it. Even for a day. I hope your days are good ones filled with family, friends, and good things to eat.


If I can help with anything, please let me know.


What a way to live with so many requirements. I hope fun moments and days of joy for you

Cheerful Monk

I, too, hope you can find enough good moments to make it all worthwhile.

Cheerful Monk

PS Thank you so much for continuing your blog. I really appreciate it.

Ole Phat Stu

Have they told you how long you've got? It varies between doctors, one gives me 17 months, another 8 years. Main thing is, it should be painless as long as possible; pain scares me.

My motto : Live your life as if every day were your last, and one day you'll be right :-)

Pamela (LadyLuz)

M, I echo dkzody's.....and, enjoy your orchids and other things growing. Be yourself - have a rant when you want, even if it's only to the PC. And, don't forget, music can be a great balm. Love and hugs xxxP


I have come to the conclusion that 'positive attitude' is just a phrase for caregivers and medical experts and obviously family members to feel better.

Don't waste your time on it, just be yourself in whatever mood and shape of the day. That and the cat and the orchids.
Take care.


Thanks for being you Hattie. And acknowledging the finite nature of all you're going through.

I had been lulled by your positivity and seeming optimism and possibly a Let's beat this thang gung-hoism.

Thanks for the dose of reality.




My prognosis, according to the oncologist, is one year + months with the chemo. That would be from January, when I got my diagnosis. He is a pessimist, though, and was quite surprised at how well I have withstood the chemo. Anyway, the team is on things, and I know I'm getting optimum care.
Thanks, everyone, for the kind comments and encouragement. I really don't know how people can get along who don't have the kind of support I do.


Oh Marianna, I'm so very sorry...


Sounds like you’re making the most of your situation which is really all any of us can ever do. Appreciate your straight forward sharing here. None of us ever can be sure of what our future holds. Wishing you lots of feelin’ good days — just don’t forget those pills so you can avoid getting knocked flat again.


Sabine is right

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