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October 02, 2017



We will know soon enough.

Mage Bailey

That was a fascinating article. Thanks for the link.

Poppa Zao

On a related note: I think I'm in touch with the culture, but I've never heard of the so-called king of Instagram.


Cheerful Monk

The whole thing is crazy, I wonder if we will ever know why he did it.


Interesting link — much more to this story I think, even if this was ultimately a suicide death wish playing out.

Ole Phat Stu

Americans gun down fellow americans almost every day and you guys seem unable to stop it, or at least slow it down (like say Australia and UK did). Sad :-(

Mage Bailey

His girlfriend is back, and now perhaps we will know more.


We refuse to come to terms with what this country is really about. We purport to put individual freedoms like the right to bear arms above the need for public safety, for example.

Mage Bailey

We are getting a severely edited version of things.


It’s a horrid situation.

Cop Car

I think that Paddock is one example that refutes our ability to recognize mental issues. That being the case, how can the NRA say that the solution to gun violence is in better treatment of the mentally ill? Makes no sense. If we can't ID 'em, we can't treat 'em. Availability of weapons IS the issue. Having lost two members of family, of my generation, to guns, I still think that we should have armories where citizens MUST keep their weapons when not in use. I would allow a person to check out one (of their own guns), and a small amount of ammunition, at a time. Your right to life outweighs another person's right to bear arms.


Very interesting and weird story in that link

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