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October 14, 2017



I hope you feel better soon.

As for revising/examining one's life, for me, part of that is decluttering.

Silver Willow

I'm sorry the maintenance drug is kicking your butt. :( Hang tough, my friend.

Cop Car

It's great that you are doing better than you might have expected; but, damn! Makes you grit your teeth, doesn't it? I'm with Brandon.

I'm considering pitching the boxes of stuff that I took in when Mother died - mostly photos. Thanks for the advice. I suspect it is very sage.


@Cop Car, it's a long process. For me, books are the hardest things to part with. If the photos show scenes around town or are old, consider taking them to a local museum or historical society.


Hope you’re having some easing of those effects. Glad you’re enjoying friends visit. Yeah, this chaos sure follows predicted patterns — am hanging on to the belief we’ll rectify this situation sooner or later.

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