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October 21, 2017


Silver Willow

glad your family in Napa are fine. So many are not.

And sorry about the village idiots re your cancer.


There are still people who are quite sure they know what causes cancer. And quite sure they know the cure - usually some whacky alternative remedy. They need to wise up and get real.


I imagine your homeless situation is much like ours in San Francisco: too much money chasing too little housing so the most vulnerable (and often damaged and intractable) get forced out. When there are enough of them, they become visible and then are perceived as a "crisis." I suspect from their point of view, the crisis was a long time ago ... and the damage is daily life. The solution to homelessness is housing, but we simply don't generate enough housing for all the people in some (most?) places.


Thinking of you.


"I can't quite give up on Twitter yet. It is too useful for instant news."

That's why I wondered why you were going to leave it. I'm still on Facebook but it's crammed with random status updates, memes, and photos.

Linda P.

Yes, people look askance at those of us with chronic illnesses, too, sure that we caused our own illnesses by not choosing the right lifestyle. I've been told by acquaintances that I have the debilitating auto-immune illness that I have because I'm "too rigid" about plant-based, whole-food eating and "not rigid enough." I've been told I had trigeminal neuralgia because I was a "Type A" person. I guess my brain surgery last year to decompress the trigeminal nerve also took care of my Type A personality, then! I'm sorry that this message is being delivered to you subtly or blatantly, knowingly or unwittingly. It's an isolating message at a time when you most need to feel connected.

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