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November 06, 2017



Thank goodness for your hubby for helping you, and for Black Flash for keeping you entertained. Aren't cats (and dogs) a hoot? But the gross thing about house cats is finding mummified geckos (and not knowing where the heck they were "stashed" by the cats until you found them!).


I hope you can be at home as long as possible, and that you feel better.
Like you I prefer blogging. It allows for longer posts and doesn't have to be as immediate as FB, Twitter, etc. I'm not on Twitter but I visit your Twitter site and a few others regularly. Facebook is full of fluff but I keep in touch with family and friends there.


Glad you’re able to be at home. Lots of picking and choosing but glad you can find the good stuff on the social site. I keep picturing the view from your house as you’ve shared with us here and glad you’re in such a lovely setting.. Young cats can certainly be entertaining and unpredictable. Wonder if he slows down enough to cuddle occasionally or has too much other activity attracting him? Sending positive thoughts!

Ole Phat Stu

I want to die at home too; preferably painlessly.
Thankyou for keeping your blog going, I'm not sure I'd have your courage!


I have 4 cats to keep me entertained. They are older and more sedate but still each one has their own personality.
I never got into Twitter. I find FB overwhelming so I limit what I look at both by source and by length of time I spend on it. You are right, blogging is best.
Hope you have a good day today. Hugs to you and to Terry for taking such good care of you.

Pamela (LadyLuz)

Hats off for Terry for enabling you to be at home, where you can be YOU, so articulately communicating with US. Love and hugs M. xxxx


That's great that Terry is so good at looking after you. To have to go into a care home would be quite a blow.

I enjoy using Facebook. It's informative and amusing and I can keep up with what all my friends are doing.


Bless you my dear! <3

 Hank Chapin

I spent six or so years caregiving. Alzheimer's. One result of having been a Boy Scout was that I was able to cook. The "or so" tells me that, for me, the caregiving period sort of flowed seamlessly out of our regular lives. After all, we were married for 51 years. I was glad to be a caregiver, and I know Helen would have done the same for me. I did hire other caregivers for short stints for respite. Usually I would go to the Kaimuki library or to the movies. Eventually, the doctor said I couldn't adequately care for her, and we moved her to Hale Nani, near Roosevelt High School. I would go over and feed her lunch. By that time she did not recognize me or talk, but her appetite was good.


It is good to read how you are supported by man and cat. My hopes and wishes are for you that you may keep this up for a good while to come.
Thanks for keeping up blogging.

I often ask myself what concept of *social* it is that the *social media* insinuates. In Ireland *a social* is an evening (in the pub with friends), still is. A far cry from fb.
Initially, I joined fb to stay connected with my far-flung family but mostly, we have found other, more direct ways. Sometimes, a funny cat video makes the rounds. But that's about it nowadays.

Ever since I was warned about my reduced life expectancy we have made plans for a natural death, in practical terms, the same way we planned the natural birth (at home) of our child 35 years ago. I have no idea how realistic this is but I am working on it.

Cop Car

Marianna--It is wonderful that since you need him Terry is there. Each of us stands a good chance, at some point, of becoming a caregiver (sometimes, again!) or the cared for.

Ah, Sabine, the "Social Media" insist that "social" is an adjective. Like you, many of us think of "social" as a noun - as in - ice cream social. (I don't do pubs, not caring for the odor of malted drink.)


Glad you have a good man and an entertaining cat. Home is the best place.


We all want to remain at home if we can when living gets hard. Though one reads a lot about people being forced to move, I think most of us do stay put as we age, though perhaps we just don't talk about it much.

So good that Terry is there for you. Be well.

Mage Bailey

I rarely go to my twitter account...I don't know why. I can post gobs of pictures to Facebook and Saturate the world with them. Make myself laugh too.

Thank Terry and scritch the cat from me please.


Gawd Facebook can be an awful bore most of the time. And then 10% of it can be brill. Terry is your angel. So happy for you that Blackie is providing such joy.


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