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November 02, 2017



The vog's been strong lately, even with the rain. I'd like to visit soon and will try to keep in touch about that.

Ole Phat Stu

Of course it was voggy!
That was nature's way of trying to prevent Trump from visiting beautiful Hawaii ;-)


Yes Ronni is amazing. But so are you dear Marianne.

So sad you're feeling so low. It must be mighty challenging.


Michael Strickland

And how do you want the novel to end? I've escaped the clutches of death a few times and gone onto new cat lives, and during the last episode I thought, "Is there anything I regret not doing?" and realized there was not, which gave me great, peaceful joy. Sounds like you have had a pretty full life yourself, with an amusing, inquisitive mind to keep you company. The mantra that keeps going through my consciousness these days, directly from somewhere in the ether, is "It's all about love."

Silver Willow

Sorry you are struggling so much; I'm sure it's the various changes on your meds. Hang in there, my friend. :: hugs ::

Mage Bailey

We think you are wonderful no matter what happens. Ronni Is one I always read...thank you.

Mage Bailey

Sunday hugs from almost rainy California.


And Sunday hugs from Friday Harbor in the San Juans. Rebecca will be spending the next few days learning about exotic sheep but she was kind enough to bring me along to explore. Here's hoping it remains dryish. I'm savoring how lucky I am. Wishing you all the best.


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