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November 22, 2017



I'm thinking of her as well, and you too of course. I hope her hospice goes well.

Ole Phat Stu

Thankyou Alice, for keeping us all informed.
Please tell Marianna : best wishes from Ole Phat Stu, I'm thinking of her. May it be painless.


Thank you for the update. My heart is with your family and my thoughts are with Marianna.


Thanks for that, Alice.


Thank you for keeping us updated. Marianna has been a dear blogger friend and I think of her daily. Please convey to her our love and best wishes.


Thank you for the update, I was wondering. Hospice was a blessing for our family, caring and good people.

Cop Car

Alice--Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to update us friends of Marianna when you are going through so much pain, yourself. Of course Marianna is thinking of others as she has been wont to do. We are all so helpless in these instances, and so thankful for those who provide hospice care. Shalom


Thank you for taking the time and presence of mind to updates. Seems selfish at a time like this, but I am thankful to have updates. Your mother has been such a fighter and I've read her posts, knowing she was doing her best to stay upbeat and continue the good fight.

There reaches a time, though, when the fight is over, and the days slip away. Please give your mother my best regards. I am praying for peace and comfort in her days.


My thoughts and prayers are with Marianna and her family. Thank you for the update. I always enjoyed her posts and appreciated her wisdom. I've not commented before, enjoying her posts from afar (Canada). Hugs to you all.


So very very sorry Alice and family. Was worried when no updates. You are so kind to keep us in the loop.

She'll find strength in the live surrounding her as she proceeds on her journey.

Give her my love and gratitude for all our years.



Alice, thank you for letting us know. I've been wondering how Marianna is. And I'll visit her soon.


Thank you very much, Alice. Please give Marianna my love and tell her I'm thinking of her a lot. She's been a true and loyal friend, and a tribute to blogging as well as critical thinking in general. I'm wishing her the best possible passing through this last stage of life on earth, with genuine admiration for her spirit, her heart and her mind that she's shared with us so generously.

Mage Bailey

Thank you so much for posting this Alice. I have so appreciated all that she has shared with us here. Please tell her I care deeply and are keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. She has touched us all deeply.


(This is Alice, Marianna's daughter) Thanks everyone for your kind comments. She is able to read your comments on her smart phone. She just doesn't have the energy for typing. I know it means a lot to her to hear from all of you.


Thank you for the update, but so sorry treatment no longer viable. Hope all goes as well as possible with hospice, the equivalent of such which was so supportive for my SIL & family years ago in Kailua. Thanks to Marianna for all the reading pleasure I’ve had from her writing and miss. Sending positive thoughts across the ocean from So Cal to her and family.


You are in my thoughts. This is your special time and from the short while that I have read your blog and got to know a tiny bit, it seems you are prepared for what happens next and in the right place with the right people.
My heart goes out to you and yours. Peaceful calm thoughts.


Oh, gosh. I am so very sorry.

Silver Willow

Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to update us. My heart is broken for you, Marianne, your family. Please let her know that all of you continue to be in my prayers, and we love her so much.


Alice: thanks for letting us know. Please let Marianna know we're thinking of her, of her wonderful range of interests and curiosity about so many subjects, of her opinionated commentary on a fractured world. She has been admired and enjoyed!!


How incredible for you Alice to take the time to let Marianna's readers know what is occurring. Marianna, I am so pleased to know you are able to read the comments on your smart phone because I want to thank you so much for the privilege of being able to have met you via your writings. I lost a friend of over fifty years in March to lung cancer and now I feel I am losing another very special person. Although we can't be with you, I know you feel all that energy in Hawaii from all of us for a gentle, pain-free loving passage. My thoughts are with you always.


[Alice, you may already know this but in case not, keep reading to your mother and putting on music and things. I figured out that people keep hearing and thinking days after they stop being able to really speak. This is a super-rough time, I'm so glad you're there, and hope there are others with you.]


I feel so much stronger and less lonely from all your posts! Thanks for being you and helping me to love Hilo!


Hattie's Web has been part of my web reading for some time. I have great admiration for your courage and intelligence. Sending thoughts of calm, peace and comfort for you journey.


I've been a lurker on this site, for only a year, so there are many postings by Hattie that I have yet to read.
She impresses me with her strong opinions and convictions.
Sending my hopes for love and comfort for her.

Cathy Johnson

Thank you, Alice, for sharing this with Ronni's readers at TGB so that we can all send love and caring thoughts to your mother. It is so easy to lose track of those with whom we've exchanged friendship and thoughts here over the years, I've not had time to read as many of the other elder blogs listed on Ronni's page as I would like, but I'm going to now set time aside to read more of Marianna's blog posts.

May all of you find peace and comfort in this time together. Hospice workers are something like angels, and my husband's parents' passings, both of them at home, were incredibly peaceful, thanks to their care. May it be so for Marianna.

Mary MCCarthy

A good rest to you, Hattie.


Marianna and Alice, sending you love and warm wishes from Denver.

Silver Willow

Hattie, you and your family remain in my prayers. I just wanted to be sure to thank you for your thoughts, your passions, the you that you have shared with us. I wish you courage and most of all, peace. You will not be forgotten, and we will always carry a part of you with us. Love surrounds you on your journey, and beyond. Peace, my friend.

Pamela (LadyLuz)

Just to add my thanks, Alice, for the updates and to wish M a peaceful, comfortable remaining time with her family, friends and kitty.

M, it has been a privilege over the years to read your words of wisdom, book reviews, opinions on an endless range of topics: I always looked forward to your next post and although you pulled no punches about the state of your health and prognosis, I am sad at the thought of losing you.

Thoughts of love and peace to you. xxxx


Hattie (Marianna):
This is Maria. I have been a lurker since I made you very angry one time, by suggesting you splurge on an expensive haircut. Even though I stopped posting, I never stopped reading your observations and opinions, because of your quite superb intellect. The amazing volume of your reading, the wide range of your interests, your honesty and openness to experience, your clear, concise writing--these all created a quite fascinating and valuable journal. I thank you for this.

Where you are going, we all will soon follow. Godspeed.


Marianna, I want to thank you for your friendship to my sister Mary and to me. This is a hard time for you, for Terry, for your family, and your friends but know there is much love enveloping you right now, coming from all directions.

Bruce Cooper

I know from personal experience that this is a surreal time for you and your family and that even the kindest and most heartfelt words do very little to heal the hurt you are feeling. Take heart in the fact that the love you feel for each other continues beyond this mortal plain.

Michael Strickland

I'll miss you, Ms. Hattie, and even though we've never met, I can't stop crying. Much love.

Leslie Bary

Hi Michael! We've never met, but our mothers were friends, and I read your blog SF Civic Center! I didn't know you were a Hattie reader, too!

Hi Marianna today. It's been a beautiful week weather-wise here, like California, so luminous. Thinking of you.


Thank you Alice, for the update. We are very saddened by this news. Please give her our love and thanks for our friendship. We enjoyed meeting her and Jerry a few times when they visited Vancouver. Best wishes and strength to all of Marianna's family during this difficult time.

Love, Marja-Leena and Fred


I am so sorry to hear that. I hope you are as comfortable as possible. I wanted to pass on that one of the many things I learned on this blog was how to help my sick gardenias and they are still doing well. I am thankful for that.


Dear Marianna, I am so sorry for your trials and send you our heartfelt love and warm thoughts. We have lovely memories of your visits with us in Vancouver.

Thank you Alice for keeping us posted. I commented a couple of days ago but it did not appear so hope this one comes through.

Hugs, Marja-Leena


Om shanti shanti shanti

Ole Phat Stu

I hope y'all in Hilo had a peaceful and grateful Thanksgiving :-)


My condolences to all of Hattie's family and loved friends. The finality of her dying is difficult, while you also know she lived well and loved immensely. That part of her you will have as a constant companion for all time.

I found her on TGB and immediately liked her independent, feisty ways, regardless of whether I agreed with her.

Her work here on earth is completed and she did damn good.


One more thing. I hope you can and will keep her blog around for awhile for reading.

Darlene Costner

Dear Alice,

My heartfelt sympathy is with you in your sad loss.

Your mother will be sorely missed in the blog world, but I know you and your family will always miss her.

When I used to have a blog she was a daily contributor and I got acquainted with your wonderful mother then and have enjoyed her comments on "Time Goes By." We will all miss Hattie. This is a sad day indeed.

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